and our story


Tricking is awesome. For the last 8 years we’ve been working hard to make every Hooked better than the last. Thanks to all our visitors and guests, we are able to do so!

What to expect? Real hype, battles, World Record attempts and overall as the Dutch call it ‘gezelligheid’*. We're always looking for underground killers, og’s and other phenomenal heavy weights. Hooked is the place to show the world what you’ve got!

*gezelligheid: a warm feeling that makes you happy to be at Hooked.


So we started out in 2013, wanting to organise a small gathering in Amsterdam. "Would be fun" is what Danny and Laurent were thinking out loud. Very unaware that Hooked would become like an unstoppable snowball that kept getting bigger and bigger at an impeccable pace.

Even though we've had our fair share of curveballs thrown at us, we always strive to make every edition better then the one before. We have been doing so with the most impressive line-ups filled with prominent special guests, shit tons of hype and of course our beloved partners, friends and community helping us out.


Laurent ‘Long Legs’ Arrabito


Danny ‘Drone’ Kenniphaas


Charlotte ‘Charlie Money’ Tol


David ‘PARKOUR’ Clemens

So if you need a hug or a smile, holla at the team!

From our fans


I sold my kidneys for Hooked and I'd gladly do it again!

Ben Dover

Los Angeles, CA

I'm one of Hooked's many happy customers.

Peter Selie

Berlin, Germany