Witness raw power, agility, and creativity in our 'Kill the Floor' session. Designed to sift through the talent, this session is not just a test of one's tricking abilities but also their ability to captivate and leave an indelible mark.

How The Preliminaries Work:

  1. Before Everything:
    Sign up with the form down below. Make sure you finalize your sign up at the Event on Friday before the preliminaries start. This will be possible from 15:00 - 18:00 near the entrance of the Battle Area. Please do not forget to finalize your spot and be on time!

  2. Step onto the Arena:
    Each participant will be granted their moment in the spotlight. This is the time to unleash the best tricking combo or even a single, jaw-dropping trick that defines them.

  3. Judgment Time:
    Our judges, armed with a discerning eye for talent, will each award a score between 0 and 100 based on technique, creativity, and execution.

  4. The Top 16 Revelation:
    As the session concludes, scores will be tallied, and the Top 16 elite trickers will be announced and will be asked to stay for the Battle Night photo's. These individuals will fight for the title of Hooked Champ during the Saturday Battle Night.

BATTLE NIGHT: The Showdown of Elites

With the preliminaries out of the way, Saturday night will see the arena light up once again for the much-anticipated Battle Night. Our Top 16 will not just battle each other, but they'll have to face an enormous amount of pressure and challenge the limits of imagination.

1 VS 1 Battles
The first segment
of Battle night is a head-to-head clash in 1 VS 1 battles. Here, individual prowess is pushed to its utmost potential. With every flip and spin, one tricker tries to outdo the other, making it a breathtaking spectacle of athleticism and strategy.

Team Battles:
As the tension rises and the night progresses, the arena will shift from individual brilliance to collective mastery. The second half of the Battle Night will introduce Team Battles, where synergy and coordination come into play. With teams of 5 trickers squaring off against each other, this segment promises high-octane action. Five distinct styles, techniques and energies will come together in a harmonious dance of chaos and control. It's not just about individual talent anymore; it's about how well you can synchronize with your teammates to deliver a performance that's greater than the sum of its parts.

Experience the thrilling crescendo of individual battles and the marvel of team showdowns on Battle Night. It's just not about winning; it's about pushing boundaries, forging connections and leaving a legacy on the floor. Don't miss out!

Kozen Judging System


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