Hello hello! 

We are less than one week out! 

We have a lot of info in our FAQ on our website

However, to be sure you won’t forget anything here’s some extra info:

Most places don’t take creditcard (like our canteen) and the nearest ATM is a bit of a walk. So we advice to take some cash with you! We do take creditcard at our check-in and merchandise stand. 

What to bring
If you have an Event pack please bring the following:  Sleeping bag/blanket + pillow(!), extra pair of underpants (you never know), sleeping mask / earplugs, powerbank, your warm Hooked Hoodie. We don’t have lockers unfortunately so make sure you don’t have expensive gear with you! 

Parking at the venue
We have a large parking space in front of the venue, however there have been car break ins during. Make sure you don’t leave luggage in your car! 

Amsterdam Traffic
Amsterdam is beautiful but beware of the trams and cyclists, they are homicidal and will not stop for you. The best way to explore Amsterdam is by bike but please stay on the right side of the road. We also have Uber! 

Amsterdam Kindness
Amsterdam people are notoriously straight forward and blunt. Don’t be offended, think of it as our love language! 

Please let us know if you have allergic reactions to some sorts of food or special requests. We have vegan/vegetarian options available. If you want something else, we also have Uber Eats. Just mention Sportcentrum Ookmeer and the right address and wait for it at the entrance. 

We do not condone violence, (sexual) harassment etc of any sorts. If you feel in any way uncomfortable or are treated in an unacceptable way, please contact Mariska: +31 658 81 69 94. 

Lost and Found
The front desk of the venue is our Lost and Found desk. Please make sure you keep an eye on your stuff and respect others’ belongings.

More questions?
Feel free to check out the rest of the website! There’s the line-up, ticket info, FAQ, timetable etcetera! We are incredibly excited and hope to see you soon! Oh yes, don’t forget to bring your tickets! :)

Happy Tricking,
Hooked Tournament Team

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