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Improve Your Tricking Skills with the Right Energy: Nightwatch Gives You the Focus & Power You Need.

You probably didn't miss it; Nightwatch was present at the last edition of the Hooked Tournament in Amsterdam! It was a weekend full of kicks, flips, and positive energy, made possible by the power of Nightwatch. Now, we have a special deal for all the energy seekers out there; use the code #HOOKEDONNIGHTWATCH for a buy one get one free Nightwatch tray! Hurry, as the code is valid for 7 days only. Why is Nightwatch's 100% plant-based energy drink ideal for tricking? You'll find out below.

As a tricker, you understand how crucial it is to prepare yourself well for each training session. And it starts with choosing the right fuel. When you think of the optimal drink for your tricking sessions, sports drinks quickly come to mind. These drinks contain low carbohydrates (4.8 g per 100 ml), allowing your body to absorb them quickly. But unfortunately, they lack the powerful dose of caffeine you need to perform those kicks, flips, and twists with precision. While they do provide rapid hydration and some carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up, they fall short when it comes to that focus & power for a crucial performance or during your workouts.

For a hefty dose of focus & power during a competition, you'll quickly turn to energy drinks. Unfortunately, most old-generation energy drinks are still packed with artificial sugars, which might shoot you up like a rocket but bring you crashing down just as quickly during those crucial transitions and combos. The high sugar content forces your body to work hard to process it quickly, resulting in the dreaded energy crash afterward. This is the last thing you want to experience during an intense tricking competition.

Nightwatch offers the solution to these problems. The secret lies in Nightwatch's power ingredient: Guayusa. This plant from Ecuador contains a blend of natural ingredients that gradually increase your energy levels without the need for an overload of sugars that your body can't handle. With a low sugar content (4.2 g per 100 ml) and only natural sugars derived from fruits and flowers, Nightwatch provides the ideal fuel to get you through those intensive tricking sessions.

So, trickers, if you're ready to take your skills to the next level, embrace the natural power of Nightwatch! No artificial additives, just the pure strength of Mother Nature to give you the focus & power you need for your next tricking sessions. Order a Nightwatch tray today with the code #HOOKEDONNIGHTWATCH and get buy one get one free! Hurry, as this code is only valid for 7 days.

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